The decision of foundation of the All-Union Research Institute of Goznak was written in the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dated August 2, 1947. The very date of foundation of the Research Institute of Goznak is June 24, 1948, when Order No. 403 of the Ministry of Finance of the USSR was signed.

Foundation of the Institute was caused by the necessity to prepare and carry out the financial reform of 1947 and the new tasks assigned by the leadership of the country to Goznak.

On July 9, 1948 Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR I.V. Stalin signed the Resolution of the Council of Ministers that guaranteed the same wages to specialists of other organizations coming to the Research Institute of Goznak in case they exceeded the wages stated in the staff schedule of the Institute.

The All-Union Research Institute of Goznak was created on the basis of the Central Control and Technology Laboratory and Department No. 18 and partially Department No. 17 of the Directorate of Goznak.

Important problems that the Directorate of Goznak faced in the sphere of increasing the production mobility and the banknote security level required developing the theoretical basis of Goznak’s technological processes, rationale of the production improvement directions, determining the perspectives of product development. Solving these tasks aimed at fixing the country at the level of the world center of security printed products manufacture.

The financial reform of 1947 and its further development aims were closely connected to A.G. Zverev – the Minister of Finance of our country. The works of foundation of the All-Union Research Institute of Goznak were entrusted first of all to Evgeny Mikhailovich Medvedev – the first Director of the Institute.

The structure of the Institute was that of a multi-industry establishment with the distinct directionality of its activity results to the tasks solved by enterprises of Goznak. According to the growing tasks specialized laboratories were created, scientific and engineering personnel was trained in it. The work of the Research Institute of Goznak is directed at providing all kinds of Goznak’s production – papermaking, printing, coin and order.

Since the moment of its foundation the Research Institute of Goznak has contributed to solving all major tasks of the field of security of products necessary for the government.

The developments of the Research Institute of Goznak are applied in all the banknotes of the USSR and Russia put into circulation within the last 65 years. The Institute developed and introduced banknote sorting machines, mechanical postcard packaging lines for the first time in the country.

The Institute took an active part in the preparation of the series of commemorative coins dedicated to the Olympic Games of 1980 in Moscow, including the technology development of producing coins of platinum. The Research Institute of Goznak developed dozens of paper compositions applied in the production of both security and general printed products.

In the metal processing area the specialists of the Research Institute created new compositions of alloys on the basis of gold, in particular, the gold alloy of 275 standard of purity used in the production of wedding rings and other jewelry in the USSR.

A large work was carried out by the Institute in the sphere of mechanization and automation of the production of Goznak, creation of the Russian machines, devices, manual labor displacement at various stages of operations. A series of sheet-counting machines for counting paper, semi-finished products and products was created. Among the important works of the Research Institute there are a series of stack lifts, a series of machines for counting metallic products with programmed electronic counters as well as specialized machines and various devices for evaluating the quality of paper, inks and other printing materials.

Works upon researching the treatment processes of natural diamond crystals, their classification, developing the constructions of machines and tools for the production of cut diamonds were carried out within the framework of the diamond production that once existed at the Research Institute.

Unique products cave been created in the jewelry production field – a diamond rose, pendants and rings demonstrated at the exhibition of the Diamond Fund in the Kremlin.

On December 11, 1992 the All-Union Research Institute of Goznak was renamed the Research Institute of Goznaka part of Association “Goznak” of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation (License МРТ No. 019.594).

In 2006 the Research Institute of Goznak was reorganized a Branch of Goznak.

The Research Institute of Goznak today is the only in Russia and one of the leading research centers in the world, the activity of which is directed to creating new materials and technologies for the manufacture of security products of the state designation. The Research Institute of Goznak carries out works upon developing the methods of security product quality control, authenticating devices, production quality control systems, technologies of special printing methods, papermaking and producing documents on the plastic basis. The Testing Center of the Research Institute accredited by the Federal Agency of Technical Regulations and Metrology carries out the whole volume of testing of inks, paper and plastic products.

Unique specialists in the field of printing, paper, chemical production, instrument engineering, material sciences are employed at the Research Institute. The great experience of the employees of the Institute enables it to accumulate the major achievements in the field of security technologies and develop innovative solutions at the level of the world leaders of the security product development.

The activity of the Research Institute of Goznak is not limited to the traditional directions, it aims at embracing new spheres, including the cryptographic security, production of documents with the electronic data carrier and many others.

The Research Institute of Goznak is equipped with modern machinery enabling it to carry out works and researches of all its activity directions.

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