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There were no irrelevant topics10 2014

There were no irrelevant topics

The fourth scientific and practical conference dedicated to the new and promising developments of Goznak in the field of security technologies has taken place at the Research Institute Branch of Goznak.

The conference has already become a traditional event not only for the employees of the Institute, but also for many partners of our company. It takes place once a year, at the beginning of February. According to Georgy Kornilov, Director of the Research Institute, the event organizers were not aiming at audience accumulation, but judging from the fact that over 150 people gathered at the conference and there were not enough chairs for everybody, the interest to the conference is great.

In his welcoming speech General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk emphasized that the company does not hide the fact that it is important to realize what is interesting to Goznaks partners in the developments of the Research Institute and how interesting it is.

The report by a research associate of the Physical and Chemical Security Department Valeria Bukhryakova A new carrier of security substances for creating security elements in paper and products awoke great interest.

The specialists noted the importance of developing technological standards of Goznak. The report by Olga Filatova, Head of the Standardization and Information Support Sector STO GOZNAK Printed products with anti-counterfeiting security elements. Classification. Terms and definitions was dedicated to the problem.

The conference participants noted an interesting report by the youngest speaker Gleb Teslov, an engineer of the Printing Security Technologies Department. The report he had prepared together with Alexei Torgashev, a senior research scientist  was called Laboratory methods of evaluating the properties of special inks allowing to foretell the behavior of inks in the printing machine.

The joint report by Alexei Sorokin, a senior research scientist and Anna Rytnikova, Head of the Sector, PhD (Printing Security Technologies Department) Software modeling of anti-counterfeiting security elements in the development of test elements and new products arose not lesser interest.

This time all the 12 reports were presented by the employees of the Research Institute of Goznak. As the conference participants noted, there were no irrelevant or uninteresting topics.
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