Special sorts of paper or security printing

Special sorts of paper or security printing

The major works of the Research Institute in the field of paper production for Goznak’s products are directed to the increase of paper strength indexes, improvement of application properties of paper and paper products as well as development of new advanced technologies of production of special sorts of paper and their implementation at the Paper Mills – Branches of Goznak.

In 1996 – 1998 the technology of neutral sizing of paper in mass was implemented at the Paper Mills – Branches of Goznak with the participation of the Research Institute. It enabled us to abandon the application of environmentally harmful melamine formaldehyde resins and improve the strength indexes of the paper.

In 2000 – 2006 in order to improve application properties of paper the Research Institute in co-operation with the Research Institute of epidemiology and microbiology named after N.F. Gamalei developed the technology of production of paper with antibacterial properties for the banknotes of the Bank of Russia. To solve the task they offered to apply a special additive with detoxifying properties in paper production. Being a polymer, the agent is fixed within the paper structure and protects it against bacteria during five years. A positive Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion of the Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare was received for the anti-bacterial banknote paper.

Creating the technology of wear and soiling-resistant paper production is as important direction of work of the Research Institute now. It helps to increase the service life of banknotes in circulation. All banknote manufacturers are engaged in solving the problem currently. The technology of polymer-covered banknote paper was developed in the process. The first industrial lot of paper with increased soiling resistance was obtained in 2007.

Scientific research works on creating, perfecting and embedding of polymer treads into paper have been carried out at the Research Institute since 1996.

The specialists of the Institute developed and implemented metalized security thread, security thread with printed text and luminescent coat embedded into the banknotes of the model of 1997.

The technology of manufacture of security thread with figured edges has been developed and put to the industrial production, the processes of its embedding into paper have been mastered.

The technology of embedding security threads (bands) into paper with their emersion to the surface with a pre-determined shape (threads with visual image) is one of the business cards of the paper production of Goznak. The Research Institute of Goznak works upon perfecting the technology of creating a visual image due to the change of the thread width and various shapes of its emergence to the surface. Such threads have already been applied in the modified banknotes of the Bank of Russia (500, 1000 and 5000 roubles) as well as in banknotes of a number of foreign countries.

The Research Institute together with the Paper Mills of Goznak is creating a transparent window in paper. Within the framework of this development, promotional banknotes dedicated to Galina Ulanova with the “transparent window” feature have already been issued.

Works upon manufacturing wear-resistant banknote paper with decreased water absorbance are carried out. The developed technology is protected with patents of the Russian Federation.

Adopting of the existing technology of manufacturing paper basis for forms of security papers and documents to the application of digital printing for the ready-made forms personalization is carried out.

Security thread with figured edges and various shapes of the “wings”
The development of linear security threads with the imitation of figured edges in paper (visual image)
A sample of a promotional banknote with the security thread with figured shapes
A sample of the vehicle maintenance inspection coupon with the security thread with figured edges (Metalized duplicated security thread with the figured edge of 2-2-6 configuration produced under TU 47-08-31-2006)
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