Authentication control equipment and devices

Authentication control equipment and devices

The tendency of implementing principally new security technologies in the printing field requiring control means, was the reason of forming the instrumental direction at the Research Institute of Goznak. The specialists of the Research Institute have developed control devices for machine-readable features applied to Goznak’s products. Both manual devices for the feature level measuring and authentication and sensors for high-speed counting and sorting machines installed at the Bank of Russia. In particular, sensors for all models of counting and sorting machines of the Bank of Russia have been developed. Works upon adopting the sensor for the new models of counting and sorting equipment as well as creating devices for new features developed at the Research Institute are carried out now. The Institute develops and starts the production of up to 15 new devices, sensors and detectors annually.


Creation of banknote high security feature (special feature) authentication detectors (Picture 1) and integration of the detectors into high-capacity banking equipment for banknote processing – counting and sorting machines of various manufacturers (Picture 2).

Picture 1 – Special feature authentication detectors
Picture 2 - Special feature authentication detectors within DLR7000, BPS C4, GLORY UW-500RGLcounting and sorting machines

Creation of manual and automatic banknote autentification detectors (Pictures 3, 4).

Picture 3 – an automatic banknote autentification detector
Picture 4 – a manual banknote authentification detector
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