Special printing technologies and product secure printing methods

Special printing technologies and product secure printing methods

Special printing technology perfection and search for new security features in the printing field today remain some of the main directions of the activity of the Research Institute.

During the last few years the Research Institute of Goznak has developed a whole number of new features based on the combination of intaglio and offset printing, in particular, such features as MVC (moiré pattern), HMC (covert moiré pattern) have been applied to the banknotes of the Bank of Russia and banknotes of a number of foreign countries. The directions of searching for security elements based on the combination of various technologies are unlimited. New security features of this group are being developed now.

The application of the intaglio printing technology is a distinctive feature of banknotes and some other security printed products. In this connection the direction of searching for new security opportunities of intaglio printing remains a task of high priority that the Research Institute pays a lot of attention to. In the last few years there have appeared a few new features of the group, in particular transfer from intaglio printing to blind embossing. The feature is applied to many products of Goznak.

The specialists of the Institute work upon perfecting the ink compositions and ink creating (offset, intaglio, screen printing) with special properties. Such inks are applied in the production of practically all Goznak’s products: banknotes, special stamps, document forms, security papers etc. Moreover, our task is to offer a complex solution consisting of both the element printed with ink with special properties and a device for its authentication to our customers.

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