Product quality control systems

Product quality control systems

One of the tasks of the Research Institute is to equip the enterprises of Goznak with product quality control systems. Within the framework of the task the Research Institute has developed, manufactured and installed four systems of paper web quality control systems (СВК-Б) at the Paper Mills of Goznak. The system enables on-line complete quality control at the cylinder mold machines and fourdrinier formers. The system parameters make it possible to fix even slight deviations of the paper quality indexes and prevent waste. A peculiarity of the systems developed at Goznak is that besides the generally accepted quality indexes (like thickness, apertures, size etc.) it makes it possible to control the quality of specific features, for example watermarks, security thread etc.

Creating “СВК-Б” system allowed the enterprises of Goznak to improve the product quality and minimize the technological waste during the production process.

The main functions of the control system:

  • Detection of objects on the surface and within the paper web, both individual, like watermarks, and continuous, like security threads, control of their sizes, quality and location in the pre-set area;
  • Detection of defects, on the surface of both the web and the security elements;
  • Detection of doubling, interruptions, bonds, upturned continuous objects like threads;
  • Presentation of images of the web areas on the display in the still-frame mode;
  • Accumulation of statistical data of current deviations of the web controlled parameters, defects of webs with a possibility of examining and printing;
  • Immediate alarm (light and sound) when deviations exceeding the pre-set allowances are detected;
  • Automatic marking of the paper web when deviations are detected with a possibility for a technologist to choose the critical defects as a task for the marking device.

Systems of security thread embedding quality control and of screen printing quality control are in the process of experimental operation now. It is also planned to develop new systems enabling the product quality control at all stages of the production cycle of the enterprises of Goznak.

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